Thursday, February 13, 2014

Welcome To The Love Letter Project

The world can never be short of Shakespeares, even today when it is convenient to post a message on facebook or send a cheesy text message.
The world is abundant with the greatest love letters, awaiting to be told and shared and immortalized in this highly digital world. They are stories of coincidences, of choices, of random meet-ups and eternal commitments.
But who says that love letters can only be shared between lovers? Or that it is supposed to be decomposed together with the hallmark card that bears it?
The greatest love letters ought to be shared because they inspire and they tickle. They remind us of the gift that is being alive and crazy. They are written at different stages of one’s life dedicated to people who would have made a difference and dent in your life forever. They are inspired by tears and stars, casual dinners and that morning after the raunchy sex.
The greatest love stories are not just lived, they are written.
Share us your greatest love letters and together let us paint the world with a smile.

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