Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Because Timing Has Never Been Our Strong Suit

The Story:

The guy and the girl are close friends for the longest time. 

Guy likes the girl but the girl was in a long time relationship. When the girl broke up with her boyfriend, after some time she and the guy started hanging out but never got into a relationship because they felt they were not ready yet. 

By some stroke of destiny, the girl and her boyfriend got back together. The girl continued to be friends with the guy. 

Years after, the girl broke up again with the boyfriend- this time, for good and decided to have another shot with the guy. 

The guy had a girlfriend this time and so they can never be. 


Dear Homes,

Happy 18th, 21st, 25th or whatever birthday.

I'm not sure if I already said it enough, but I feel lucky and happy to know and have you. Happy describes it succinctly, although I sometimes wish the universe accorded us with an even greater form of happiness.

Lucky can be an overstatement too. After all, this was probably one of the worst hands I've been handed my entire life. I was never the gambling kind, but it feels at times that I've won the lottery, but would never be able to cash it in.

But enough with the bad analogies. We're together now and that's all I care about today. I may not be the one you dream of coming home to, but for now I'm happy to dream together with you.

I still wish we had those 10 years together. I could've known you even better, made mistakes together, yet fall deeper into each other. Maybe that's why I believe in parallel universe, that there's a place reserved for people like us for all the things that we wanted to fall perfectly into place.

But I guess life will never be perfect, no matter how hard we try. But again, I'm happy to have you and wallow in this beautiful imperfection, this beautiful melancholy. Maybe I'm addicted to pain, maybe this will be the story of my life.

But for now, I'm utterly elated to see you.

- Homes

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Birthday Present

The first letter to be featured in The Love Letter Project is a letter I have written myself during my birthday last year.


I will never grow old alone or unhappy or without a purpose.
I don't have to spend for the most expensive shirt or cologne or have a six pack abs.
That is the gift that I have received some eight years ago.

I don't know up until point if I deserve it but I know that it made me a better person.
A person who appreciates life more.
A person who wants to be better each day.

By showing and making me feel each day that I am genuinely loved beyond reasons or words or actions or appearance, you showed me that love need not have a 'why' or a 'how' or a 'what' - it just is.

I wake up each day both longing for your warm hug and smiling that I'll be hugged for the rest of my life.

If I have made an impact to other's lives- it is because I have been loved by you.

With you, I want to reach the stars and travel the entire world and smile often.
With you and your love, I am purposeful.

Thank you for just being you and being here.
I could not have said it better or more often but I love you in ways that my soul could only speak and ascertain.

Thank you for spending this special day with me, this is yours too- these are all yours.

Thank you for being an inspiration, for being a great influence, for being my best cheerleader and friend.

My birthday is happy and I am thankful for each day that I am alive because you are here and you love me and you love me till eternity.

I have no doubts now.
I only look forward to the many days and years.
For sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer.


Welcome To The Love Letter Project

The world can never be short of Shakespeares, even today when it is convenient to post a message on facebook or send a cheesy text message.
The world is abundant with the greatest love letters, awaiting to be told and shared and immortalized in this highly digital world. They are stories of coincidences, of choices, of random meet-ups and eternal commitments.
But who says that love letters can only be shared between lovers? Or that it is supposed to be decomposed together with the hallmark card that bears it?
The greatest love letters ought to be shared because they inspire and they tickle. They remind us of the gift that is being alive and crazy. They are written at different stages of one’s life dedicated to people who would have made a difference and dent in your life forever. They are inspired by tears and stars, casual dinners and that morning after the raunchy sex.
The greatest love stories are not just lived, they are written.
Share us your greatest love letters and together let us paint the world with a smile.