Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Because Timing Has Never Been Our Strong Suit

The Story:

The guy and the girl are close friends for the longest time. 

Guy likes the girl but the girl was in a long time relationship. When the girl broke up with her boyfriend, after some time she and the guy started hanging out but never got into a relationship because they felt they were not ready yet. 

By some stroke of destiny, the girl and her boyfriend got back together. The girl continued to be friends with the guy. 

Years after, the girl broke up again with the boyfriend- this time, for good and decided to have another shot with the guy. 

The guy had a girlfriend this time and so they can never be. 


Dear Homes,

Happy 18th, 21st, 25th or whatever birthday.

I'm not sure if I already said it enough, but I feel lucky and happy to know and have you. Happy describes it succinctly, although I sometimes wish the universe accorded us with an even greater form of happiness.

Lucky can be an overstatement too. After all, this was probably one of the worst hands I've been handed my entire life. I was never the gambling kind, but it feels at times that I've won the lottery, but would never be able to cash it in.

But enough with the bad analogies. We're together now and that's all I care about today. I may not be the one you dream of coming home to, but for now I'm happy to dream together with you.

I still wish we had those 10 years together. I could've known you even better, made mistakes together, yet fall deeper into each other. Maybe that's why I believe in parallel universe, that there's a place reserved for people like us for all the things that we wanted to fall perfectly into place.

But I guess life will never be perfect, no matter how hard we try. But again, I'm happy to have you and wallow in this beautiful imperfection, this beautiful melancholy. Maybe I'm addicted to pain, maybe this will be the story of my life.

But for now, I'm utterly elated to see you.

- Homes

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